We’ll start with some simple Q&A.

What does AOA stand for?
AOA = Adidas Only Addiction.

Who runs AOA?
Philip Murray, Lee Watson, Peter Davis & Michael Watson.

What is AOA?
AOA is a Facebook Group that was originally set up by Liam Stewart and is used as a page for like minded “lads” to show off, trade and sell on all things adidas.

What sort of people are connected to AOA?
We have a wide variety of good people in the Group from all over the world. Most of us have never met but have an affection to all things adidas. We buy, sell, swap, donate and even give away our adidas. All the people in the Group have been vouched for by trusted members to ensure that we all get along and keep the adidas world a safe place.

About the Group:
AOA started out as a small Group with only a select few being let through its doors. Over time the Group has been talked about and word managed to get around that this was one of the top adidas Facebook groups to be in. We had a fair number of around 200 members at the start which then started to grow when word was passed around.

Over the years AOA has started to rise head and shoulders above all other adidas groups purely because of the close knit family we have become.

The Wednesday Top 5:
In early 2015 one of our Admin (Lee Watson) had an idea for a Wednesday feature in the Group. This feature allowed our many members and guests to showcase their favourite adidas and also tell their own stories relating to these trainers. We (Admin) at the time had a chat and thought “we have something here lads” so let’s start it!! From there and every Wednesday our members started to post their stories and give us an insight into their favourite adidas and also which was even better an insight into themselves and their backgrounds.