Alan Uribe

Good evening to all on AOA, like to start off by thanking Lee for asking me to contribute to the Top 5 and to Carl for showing me the light!

I’m almost 40 years old, a married father to 2 beautiful girls from Dundee Scotland, born but not bred. I suppose i’m originally from Santiago Chile, moved or technically ‘extradited’ in my mums womb due to political views with Pinochet booting my dad out his country. Currently working my life away in an artificial grass and textile factory at this moment in time.

Unlike most on here I started very late in life buying and wearing adidas trainers. Was never really a trainer freak in my 20s when I was able to buy my own gear, loved fashion but trainers were only ever bought once a year or if needed and they were usually nike.

My dad was into running when I was a kid and had a few nike runners so I reckon thats where my preference came from.
 Most of my time and money back then went to DJing and buying vinyl (and other stuff!!) and going to raves so fashion took a back seat for a good few years. Even in my younger years adidas was never a big part in my life due to mainly my parents not having the cash. Asda’s own and the cheapest, nastiest sale stock was the order of the day.

I think my love for adidas trainers started when I bought a pair of green munchen 4 year ago, loved the look and feel of them. When it all kicked off was when I joined an adidas Facebook group, seeing these amazing ‘collections’ was massive for me. Seeing a pair of purple jap athen for the first time and then sourcing and buying a pair cemented my ‘addiction’
I started buying a lot of crap thinking more was best, views changed and sold most. Now OG trainers are my preferred choice these days.

I do buy reissues as everyday trainers if they are spot on, keeping the OG for special occasions. One up manship is a big thing for me now, having something rare or uncommon is a major draw to me, that and they have to look lovely.
So that’s me, none of my Top 5 trainers have any meaning or connection to me other than (I think) they look stunning.

In order has to be-

1. MK11 Jeans

2. Jap Athen

3. French Tobacco

4. Saratoga Sand

5. Jap Special

Top 5

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