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Hi and welcome to my top 5 Wednesday I’m Donny and I’m from Dundee.

So here’s a wee bit about myself I’m twenty eight and I have two kids to my partner Dereen who I have been with for 10 years my two daughters Leni 8…amba 3 both of then are my world and I would do anything for them as any dad would for there own…I’m a scaffolder from a family of scaffolders and it’s all iv ever done since I got threw out of school at the start of 4th year which I’m no proud of but I never got a chance to bum it about with my mates as my dad had me a job working with him and my uncle at the age of 15 lol and it was a big shock going from fucking about in school to carrying scaffolding about muddy building sites which I done for about 10 years before I put myself threw my rgit and got a job working offshore… this is where I met Liam we where on night shift together and it’s safe to say all we went on about was adidas trainers and jackets.

I remember when this page started, I was asking him how do I go about buying these things and me being a dumb ass I had to get him to show me how to buy something and pay threw paypal, it was actually a pair of Forrest hills that Liam was selling iv still got them and I will never sell them…not that there in mint condition or anything there maybe 7/10 but I’m keeping them just for the memories I had of him when we where working away… there was some funnies times when we where on the forties bravo but I’ll keep that for another day….
The trainers

I’m into just now are runners but I do like the odd gum sole now and then but prefer the comfort of the zx’s etc. I like that there is that many different styles and colours off them. I have just started buying some og etc and am going to keep trying to source some more really wanting to get done og runners etc so if any of you’s are selling drop me a message lol.

So here’s a wee bit about my memories of Adidas… My 1st collection of adidas was when I used to play football for most of the top teams in Scotland. I used to get a football boot budget and I used it on adidas predator the gel ones lol had the white red and black, I honestly thought they where the dogs dangles bits, even until last year it was always adidas football boots that I wore. I remember when I turned up for my trials for Blackburn rovers I turned up with red boots and the manager wasn’t happy he said there’s no superstars here and as I was only 11 at the time and I wasn’t sure if he was taking the piss or not. my dad took no chances and went and got me a pair of black preds thankfully I got signed lol!

I remember wearing adidas in my early teenage years when I started running about with all my mates on our bmx’s and the trainer of this time were adidas la trainers we all had these but different c/w I mind mines having orange silver and blue weights in them..these got knackerd when they got covered in vandal grease from trying to steal a street sweeper I know it’s a random thing to take but it was summer holidays and there was nothing for us to do not a proud moment but it’s a story I can tie in with the trainers.

Another memory of adidas are the Stan smiths in my late teens, I think everyone either has or have had a pair of these. There comfy simple and go with anything and I remember buying these every week once I picked my wages up from the yard then right into the town to get a pair of Stan smiths. I remember them being £30 from jd so if the ones you got the week before had the slightest wee mark on then you had a fresh pair sitting. A thing we used to do up here was put fat laces in them. Not sure why was just a thing me and my mates all use to do lol nothing to do with run dmc or b-boy stuff haha…

2006 for me the year of the gazelle and I remember when I was through in Glasgow for a bit of shopping I saw these green gazelles and bought two pairs of them and still have them now. This was also the year I first saw a pair of my grails…zx 600 I saw a older lad at the football before an away game and thought to myself I need to get a pair of these! I couldn’t get them any where until recently as I just picked them up from Carl jones…

So here go’s the tuff part picking the top five….

My first choice is zx 500 consortium quote these are amazing quality and the materials used in these are top notch! zx 500 are a iconic trainer in my option and can’t get enough of them…

Second are my zx 420 quotoole to me these where the best trainer released last year. colour, material comfort, everything is up there plus I like the thought of having the quotoole and the quotes together as they are both bang on…

Third are these zx 800’s I’m sure they were part of the zx series animal pack I really like these trainers and only ever wear them in the summer because when the sun hits the fish scale pattern they slightly change colour. I haven’t saw a lot of these kicking about and can’t remember where I got them from…

Fourth is my zx 600’s I was looking for these for a couple of years. Then I got a message of Carl asking if I wanted them but I was pinkers so he said I could pay him up, so I snatched his hand off for them! thanks again for that mate …

Last choice are my manchester 1/500 I was introduced to these from a lad from Dundee who used to be a big trainer collector his name is Wilson he runs the clothing shop manifesto. He showed me these about 2006/2007 and when I saw these I knew I had to get them but never imagined I would be lucky enough. Until they popped up on Matchday originals in my size aswell I was a bit skint after just buying EQT X PARKER MICRO PACER but they where at a such good price considering how much they have been going for recently on the horrible selling pages I couldn’t let them slip away. I was that fascinated with these trainers when 80’s casuals released a T-shirt with these on it I bought it and kept it unworn so that one day I would hopefully be the proud owner of them both! Which I can happily say I now am.

Hope I haven’t bored you’s to death with my story’s would like to say thanks to all the lads iv done deals with on here and to lee Watson for giving me chance to do this and a massive thanks to Thomas gillishan for helping with the pics

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