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DISCLAIMER! The pictures in the article have been sourced from a variety of places. I’ve tried to credit the owner of the shoes where I know, but apologies if I have not.


Todays article is about a shoe which features in many peoples top ten lists, either owned or wanted that is. In fact I can’t think of many people who don’t adore this shoe. Like the Gazelle, it’s a relatively simple design, the beauty lies in its shape and colours. The Jeans were designed by Adidas Austria and first released in 1976. The shoes were made of suede in a jeans blue colour hence their name. The design of the upper had already been used by Adidas Austria on a number of shoes including the Rio, Azzurro and Rasant III, all of which had been released the previous year. While these models featured a fairly flat sole, the Jeans were raised on a cushioned midsole more akin to a runner, in fact the sole appears to have been lifted off the 1974 version of the SL 72 jogging shoe.

1 – Azzurro and Rio, which served as an inspiration for the upper of the Jeans.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 1

2 – Jeans used the same sole unit as the SL 72 and 76 models.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 2

3 – The original 1976 version of the Jeans, take from an Austrian catalogue. The stripes and heel tab were made of velour.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 3

4 – Variants in colour exist, this UK catalogue shoes a slightly darker version.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 4

5 – Often referred to as Jeans Mark II, a new sole was added to the model in 1979 in the UK. The trefoil patterned sole was also used on other models at the time such as the Rom and Vienna, although the heel stabiliser is a new concept. The shoe also has a toe bump for the first time.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 5

6 – Cord were also released at the same time and were basically a brown variation of Jeans, inspired by cord trousers of course.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 6

7 – This version from an Austrian catalogue in 1983 sits in between the MK I and II styles. I believe that the MK II version was released in the UK while this version continued to be the choice in continental Europe.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 7

8 – Many peoples ultimate grail? The Jeans Red from a UK 86 catalogue. No further explanation needed!

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 8

9 – Jeans 2 1987 style with the Adidas logo in an oblong word plate as was the style of the time. Picture taken from the Spezial exhibition.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 9

10 – The cerise coloured Jeans 2 from the same year. Sometimes an opinion divider, but I would not turn down a pair.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 10

11 – Jeans 3 made in Yugoslavia. Adidas sadly closed its factory in Klagenfurt Austria in 1990, bringing to a close 22 years of manufacturing and seeing production of Jeans move to Eastern Europe. The 90s production Jeans coming in a darker suede, with ghilly lacing at the top.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 11

12 – Production of Jeans continues with models made in Croatia (1994), Slovenia (1994) and Poland (1995-96). With thanks to Matt Cooke for this Croatian pair.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 12

13 – First production of Jeans in Asia. These 1996 Chinese made model in blue with poppy red stripes.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 13

14 – A rare Chinese made sample in black from 1996, thought never to have been commercially released.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 14

15 – Another sample from early 2000s. Unreleased Oki Ni collab with a marble effect to the suede.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 15

16 – The first modern re-issue of Jeans from 2003 and Adidas have done a relatively good job with the quality and shape. Numerous colours have been released since.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 16

17 – A special mention to the 2007 Flavour of the World Jeans – inspired by wine and in a wine colour they even came with a cork insole.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 17

18 – These unusual Jeans were part of the Spezial exhibition. In red with teal stripes, according to the owner these may have made with the US market in mind. Another pair has yet to surface to my knowledge.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 18

19 – The only other variant of the Jeans were actually made in Australia by Pacific Dunlop under licence. The design was thrown on its head by replacing the suede upper with leather! From my collection a pair from 1977.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 19

20 – Also made in Australia circa 1980 with a trefoil sole and a lighter coloured leather upper.

AOA Top 5 Articles adidas Jeans 20

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