It’s my turn for the Top 5 so here goes, I’m 36 years old and come from a town in the midlands called Nuneaton. I’m happily married to my wife Rayhanna, I have two sons Layton 14 and Archie 3. I spend my days working behind the counter in a shop, the bonus is I have a computer/internet from start to finish (And an understanding boss). I think the first pair of trainers that I can remember owning were not Adidas but Puma Super match, this would have been in middle school, couldn’t have been much older than 8-9. (I was grateful for these at the time as my mum only ever bought my clothes, trainers from marks and spencers).

It wasn’t long after this that my dad moved us off to live in Tenerife,
The Scene for a kid in Tenerife at the time was skateboarding and surfing, so fashions were completely different to what I was used to.

We moved back to England in about 1990, most of my mate were wearing Adidas and other brands, listening to house/rave music hanging around the parks/shops/streets etc, so stopped skateboarding and started knocking about with them again being a bit more conscious of what I was wearing,(Kids are cruel) and Adidas was the choice of nearly everyone.

Where I come from you didn’t get much of a choice, back then we had a little sports shop called Whitemans and Debenhams sport department.
Only seem to remember Kick,Samba,Gazelle,L.A Trainer, and eventually Torsion. But mid to late 90’s are a bit vague for me, but can remember seeing early 90’s Jeans, greyish-blue colour with two tone luminous stripes and ghilly lace stays, god knows where the lad got them…

These were the first pair of vintage Adidas I bought and have had the OG bug ever since.

I never set out to be a collector just had a lot of trainers, these days I prefer the vintage stuff, great shape, quality materials and the styles and colours, some really pushing the boundaries for the time they were made.

I don’t know where my love for Adidas first started maybe my dad, my friends, people I saw wearing it growing up, i’m not sure.

Whatever the reason I’m fond of my ///.

So here are my Top 5

1. Adidas Jeans MKII Made in Austria.
I got these by sheer luck, I was in work one day looking at /// on the computer when a customer saw what I was looking at and  started talking to me about some adidas he had when he was younger, He said he still had a pair of jeans from the early 80’s that he got from his brother who worked in a sport shop in London.
“Do you want to sell them” was my next line, and he said he would bring them in the following day… when he walked in with these in my size I nearly hit the floor, I played them down and got them for £120!!

2. Adidas Dublin Made in Roumania.
I love this colourway, bold bright colours, I’ve had a few pairs of Dublins but these are by far the best. Thanks Jordan Kerr.

3. Adidas Handball Top Made in West Germany,
One of the best gum soles I’ve ever seen, and love the strip around the back

4. Adidas Hurricane Made in Taiwan
This models a bit different to others I’ve seen, a lovely deep blue. Really liking these at the moment.

5. Adidas Samba Made in West Germany
For me these are a classic, a staple adidas shoe.
I was looking for some of these for ages, I think it was the first or second day after Lee Watson had invited me onto AOA that I saw these for sale Unworn at a bargain price, thanks again Ronnie Swallow.

Top 5

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