Hello all, time for me to do my Top 5.

Im 31 years old from a little mining village called Murton in County Durham not far from Sunderland. I work as a fabricator/welder & been in the same job since i left school, steady little job that pays the bills & the ///’s. I live with my partner Melissa (who also has a decent little collection) who is pregnant with our 1st child (a boy) he’s not even born yet & already has 3 pair of ///’s……. following in my footsteps. Love my football but music is 1 of my main passions in life. Love going to gigs & festivals & been allover the UK seeing bands. My favourite bands are Oasis & The Stone Roses. Listening to them through my childhood changed my life because i was into the Rave scene & wasnt really my thing. So got into Manchester (Madchester) bands & never really looked back, love the Indie Music scene.

As far back as i can remember ive always worn Adidas because my dad is also an Adidas fan (like father like son) but growing up as a kid me & my younger brother (who also has a decent collection) always wore Gazelle II. As we got older we started buying Gazelle OG because thats what the older lads wore. In 2003 an Adidas Outlet opened up right next to where i live, so in there nearly every week & was just buying pairs cos they were “Adidas” & cheaper than in the shops. At 1 point i easily had over 150 pair but since joining the likes of Facebook & Instagram & getting to know “collectors” i started to take it more serious & got rid of a lot of pairs & started getting more into the OG side.

Before i list my Top 5 i would like to thank Liam, who is up there looking down on us for adding me to this group. R.I.P Liam /// also i would like to thank Lee Watson, Peter Davis & Philip Murray for making me an admin on the group, its an honour. Also a big thanks to everyone who ive bought/sold/swapped from & everyone who has helped me get to know more about ///. A main quote that sticks in my mind is when i was talking to Phil Murray about something he said “everyday is a learning day in the /// game” which is so true.

Thanks for taking time to read, here is my Top 5…. in no particular order

1. French Tobacco, love these & when Graham Young put me onto these for a great price i had to have them, so thanks mate.

2. Dublin 2008, Dublin is my all time favourite. Love everything about them. Ive just got my hands on an OG Made In Roumania pair of Dublin that i was going to put in but these 08’s hold great memories & have been in some states with me at gigs/festivals/stag do’s etc…. & only cost me £20 from my local outlet, best bargain ive had.

3. SneakersNstuff Stockholm, again love these & only just got them thanks to Philip Murray. I’d been after these for ages but never came across them in my size.

4. Manchester 1/500 (Size Exclusive), as i love my Manchester music & love Manchester itself i had to have them. Also i wore these when Melissa had her 20 week baby scan & we both wanted a boy so i wore a baby blue coloured pair of /// & turned out to be lucky.

5. Adi Suede, nothing really much to say about these but love the stand out colourway on them. Great style/shape/colour, everthing spot on. Thanks to Scott Whyte for these.

Top 5

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