AOA The Story So Far… Volume 1

As the Wednesday Top 5 took off we always mentioned that this would make a great read on a coffee table but in all honesty thought launching a book was nothing but a pipe dream.

That was until in steps Lee Watson and Craig Butler, Craig like many of us was an adidas addict but also a very talented graphic designer. Over the course of 2015 Lee started to log all of the Wednesday Top 5 stories and Craig set about drafting up some layouts of how a book would look.

The emails, PM’s and chats were relentless between us all (Admin) and ideas were getting knocked about everyday until we all agreed on each members page. From that pipe dream we eventually came up with a real and very interesting book that was put to print in late 2015. The book had interest from the highest level of people in the adidas world and now resides in many people’s homes, offices and of course the adidas Archive in Germany.

Volume 1 was also used as a charity raiser to help out the Stewart family and especially Liam Stewart’s two boys Kayden and Sonny. With interest being very high but book numbers low we thought that we would raise a few hundred quid for the family but in all we raised over £5,000 which was an amazing achievement and also a great way to help out a grieving family.

The Future

On the back of the success of Volume 1 in 2015 we now look forward to 2016 and Volume 2… Hold tight as this one is going to be very special.